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E. T. Strings™ were originally specially formulated to be the standard strings for KVG Guitars and Basses, but they rebelled. They weren’t content to be limited just to KVG’s instruments. They want to be played on every guitar and bass.

We couldn’t stop them.

One night, while everyone was distracted by music videos and pizza, they broke out of KVG’s Secret Lab. Now they’re invading guitars and basses everywhere. You'll know the presence of E. T. Strings on an instrument because they have Tone Down To The Bone™. In fact, your instrument will drip so much tone that you’ll need a mop to wipe up the excess.

What’s their secret? E. T. Strings™ are made from ToneAlloy™, a rare metal discovered and reverse-engineered from the UFO that crashed at Roswell. Many people aren’t aware that the aliens were Guitar Gods. ToneAlloy™ increases sustain, maximizes magnetic responsiveness, and produces more upper harmonics than other strings. The string gauges chosen for each set result in more comfortable playing because each string pulls about the same tension, unlike most other string sets.

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Bass Guitar Strings

Electric Guitar Strings

4 String Bass Strings Set, 34-inch Scale Length (105-75-60-45)
5 String Bass Strings Set, 34-inch Scale Length (135-105-75-60-45)
6 String Bass Strings Set, 34-inch Scale Length (135-105-75-60-45-35)
6 String Electric Guitar Set: 52-42-32-24-16-12 Standard 6 (Wound 52-24 Plain 16-12)
6 String Electric Guitar Set: 52-42-32-24-16-12 Standard Smoothie 6 ((Wound 52-32 Plain 24-12)
6 String Electric Guitar Set: 54-42-34-24-17-13 Big 6 (Wound 54-24 Plain 17-13)
6 String Electric Guitar Set: 54-42-34-24-17-13 Big Smoothie 6 (Wound 54-34 Plain 24-13)
6 String Electric Guitar Set: 54-42-32-24-16-12 Big Bottom 6 (Wound 54-24 Plain 16-12)
6 String Electric Guitar Set: 54-42-32-24-16-12 Big Bottom Smoothie 6 (Wound 54-32 Plain 24-12)
To ensure maximum playing life, we keep strings stored straight, not coiled up, unlike mass manufactured string sets. When you order, only then do we coil the strings for compactness for shipping. Because of this, please allow additional time to process your order. The wait is worth it!

Manufactured and packaged by music-loving space aliens from the most-fun planets throughout the universe.
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